Authors: Deepak Mishra, Onkar Bongirwar

A stream is a Snowflake object that provides change data capture (CDC) capabilities to track the changes in a table. It records changes made to a table, including information about inserts, updates, and deletes, as well as metadata about each change.

Streams are supported on…

Authors: Nishu Singh & Nishanth Mannem

What is Statistical Analysis?

Statistics (or statistical Analysis) is a branch of applied mathematics that involves collecting, analyzing numerical and quantitative data to interpret patterns and trends and predict what might happen next to make better scientific opinions and conclusions. Statistical Analysis helps in…

Author: Shekh Muenuddeen

As you know that MuleSoft provides a shared and dedicated load balancer. As the name suggests that multiple organizations use shared load balancer. In other words, their application deployed to shared VPC. You will have a common name, including the application name for your application deployed.


Author: Kishori Patil


  • It is very important to authenticate the consumer of your API and secure your API
  • For that, you can apply different policies
  • Using API Manager, you can configure and apply policies to an API instance
  • Here we will see how we can apply the client id Enforcement…

Author: Kishori Patil


  • API Auto Discovery is used to connect Runtime manager deployed applications with API created on the platform
  • This will help you for tracking, enforcing policies when you apply for it
  • One Autodiscovery element always points to only one autodiscovery instance in API Manager
  • In this blog, we…

Author: Srutimala Deka

A Brief Introduction to Snowflake

Snowflake is a cloud platform that primarily provides data warehouses and computes as a service. Snowflake enables businesses to harness the power of data through their Saas platform that is easily scalable and adds performance with zero tunings. …


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