Mule Netsuite Connector V11 — Get Invoice

2 min readJul 20, 2022


Author: Avatansh Sharma

Below article talks about Get connector of Netsuite with an example of Invoice record type of Netsuite.

Before moving forward, it is advised that you refer below links to get an overview of Netsuite Connector V11 and to understand the basic configuration for setting up a Netsuite Connector V11 in Mule 4.

Mule Netsuite Connector V11 Part 1

Please confirm below two points.

  • In the pom.xml file of the Mule project, check that the NetSuite Connector dependency version is 11. X.x.
  • Test connection with NetSuite is successful.

NetSuite Operations

GET — This operation is used to retrieve a particular record by providing the internal ID/external ID/name that uniquely identifies a record in NetSuite.

Internal ID — It’s a unique ID assigned to each record by NetSuite.

External ID — Unique ID assigned to each record by the external system like Salesforce.

Use case 1: Get invoice

  1. A sub flow to Get an existing Invoice from Netsuite.
  2. Get Operation from NetSuite module/palette.
  3. Transform Message to convert XML response from Netsuite to JSON.
  4. A Logger to log to output of Netsuite in JSON format to console.

Sub flow for getting an existing invoice to help in specifying the correct namespace and type.

The XML request to get an invoice record

  1. Both 2020_1 and 2020_2 in the namespace will work, make sure that the port passed in namespaces should be the same as the SOAP port in NetSuite Config.
  2. Namespaces are automatically generated using DataSense Explorer, but one might need to add some namespaces which are used in SOAP requests (Debug logs can be referred to get them).
  3. You can use either internal ID or an external ID or both to get a specific record.

Select the connector configuration, Ref type has to be set as “RecordRef” and type equals to “invoice”

Check the JSON response logged, to help in forming actual requests for an upsert list operation on invoice.

External links to get more information on: