Single resource having different data format and data type in RAML

3 min readJan 20, 2021


Author: Abhishek Bathwal

This blog will showcase how a Single resource in RAML can have different data formats and different data types.


Created a RAML with Resource as Mule and having two data format application/json and application/xml.

  1. application/json — It contains two data types JsonOne and JsonTwo.
  2. application/xml — No particular data type is defined so it can accept any type of xml input.


JsonOne: JsonTwo:

JsonOne: Contains two fields Description and type and both the fields are mandatory.

JsonTwo: Contains Only field Name and that is also mandatory.

Finally the RAML Project will look like below:

The next step will be to create the flow from the RAML Specifications:

Import the RAML to the Mule application and create the flow out of it.


Note: Just replace the logger with a Transform message to display the payload as response.


Will be using postman to test the application.

Json Format:

  1. First Datatype:

When provided the Correct field and tested then it returns the correct response:

When provided Incomplete field it returns error. Not passed the field type:

2. Second Datatype:

When provided correct field it returns correct response:

Incorrect field provided:

XML Format:

It accepts any type of field as no specific data type is defined for it.

So it verifies that a single resource can have multiple data formats and multiple data types.

Reference: MuleSoft Partner