Authors: Pankuri Bansal & Prachee Talreja

About Netsuite:



  • Page Size: The number of records to be retrieved per call. This field must be between 5 and 1000 for synchronous operations, and between 5 and 2000 for asynchronous operations.

By Default: 5

  • Since: If this field is empty, this operation will retrieve the selected objects from the time the Mule app is started( after the application is deployed).

Format: YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss (such as, 2022–07–29 16:30:40).

For Version 11:

Format is DateTime: 2021–07–29T11:56:37.882281+05:30


  • On New Object

This is a Netsuite New Object Listener after the mentioned time.

Flow Implementation: